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Cheap Budget Patio Heaters

Cheap budget patio heaters are in plentiful supply, many of the traders and job lot dealers clear out budget heaters during peak season. If you are after a cheap patio heater for a just few months use outdoors then the choice is endless. But, as most will find there is a sting in the tail in buying purely on price. Traders and retailers will get cheap patio heaters built to a low price point, the only way a factory can do this is to manufacture using lower grade components than normal and cutting the quality.
How budget patio heater are manufactured
The quickest way to cut quality is to lower the grade of steel, burners could be either thin tin plate or chromed and polished to appear gloss finish. Bases can be plastic moulding and painted to match. Reflectors are often cut down, this reduces the amount of aluminium used and weight but also reduces the packaging. Packaging requires investment to reduce damages and keep the heater in good condition. A clever trick is to paint the whole patio heater in silver to make it appear stainless steel. All budget patio heaters on the market today use a combination of cost saving measures with many using all of the above.
Does it matter?
For a 'one off' use it's not a problem, for long term use it is false economy. Poorly made budget patio heaters with rust spots spoil the look of the garden, maintenance will be problem since most cheap heaters are made using tin plate. Lighting is also a major cause of concern within the budget sector, very frustrating when you need instant heat and nothing works! For an independent insight there are many reviews on budget heaters. Even for the commercial market budget patio heaters are without doubt false economy, they will require far more maintenance than mid range or professional patio heaters and of course after a few months the rust will look awful. Most of the budget heaters on the market are using up old stocks and moulding, these older type burners are still using gas guzzling 16kw valves. EU regulations changed in 2009, the better quality patio heaters have all moved to the newer technology with lower running costs.

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