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Gas Or Quartz Electric Patio Heater

Both gas patio heaters and electric quartz can be safely used throughout the year provided they are correctly installed.
For an electric patio heater check the IP rating, this will show if it is suitable for use outdoors. Some electric quartz heaters are manufactured to operate only under cover (umbrellas/awnings) or within buildings. An IP rating of 54 or above will indicate if suitable for use outdoors.
For a gas patio heater make sure to protect against storm damage, if extreme high winds are forecast protect by moving to a sheltered spot.

Are electric heaters greener than gas patio heaters?

No, grid electricity is still produced using fossil fuels. The electricity carbon burden is 2.3 times greater than that of LPG.

Patio Heater Running costs?

Electric patio heaters burning 2KW will cost approximate 11p per KW per hour. A gas heater running at maximum heat costs less than 9p per KW per hour. Most households use gas central heating, electric heating is the most expensive way to heat a house and the garden.

Type of Heat?

Heat from a gas patio heater is radiant heat and feels the same as the natural heat from the sun. Electric heaters that use Quartz technology produce the same type of radiant heat.
For optimum mobility gas patio heaters can be sited anywhere in the garden or taken to remote outdoor locations. Electric quartz are fixed via an cable either to a wall or sited near an electrical socket. If using the free standing type of quartz heater remember that the flex will be connected to the mains so great care needs to be taken not to trip over the flex and knock the unit over.
Patio Heater Maintenance?
Gas heaters and electric quartz have been around for many years, the technology for both is tried and tested and will last many years. The main consumable item on a gas heater is the thermocouple. Average cost of a new thermocouple is under £10 and quite easy replace and fit. Electric types need the element regularly replaced, these are specific to models manufactured and can cost between £50 to £300 to replace.
Patio Heater Installation?
Gas patio heaters are quick to set up, the instructions take approximate 20 minutes and ready to go. LPG gas cylinders are readily available from garages, DIY stores, garden centres or direct from the gas depots. Just connect the LPG gas cylinder to the regulator and switch on your heater for instant heat.
Quartz outdoor heaters up to 3KW can be plugged in, anything above a 3KW must be installed by a qualified electrician. Depending on how many heater units are connected to the circuit board you may need to replace the circuit box to allow for the increased drain on power.

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