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Energy Efficient Commercial Patio Heaters

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Great Heat Coverage & Lower Running Costs

New Heateray Pro the latest gas patio heaters design in bullet shape for outdoor commercial use with new smooth granite black for extra hard wear. Not only do these new black patio heaters look great but are delivered with our belt and braces triple safety features. Also includes an upgraded heavy duty stainless steel double skinned burner factory fitted with the very latest 2013 quick start controls, just wait 30 seconds and you're up and running. Maintains high temperature via an inside insulator, the stainless steel screen encases the valve for safety and provides cooling with secondary air for combustion. Heat output will easily warm a large group of 10 to 15 or if seated a table of 8.
Hard working top of the range patio heater built to last for years.

Heater Capacity: 45,000BTU/h
Heat Output: 5KW to 13KW
Heating Area: 9 Metres
Heat Emitter: Whisper quiet stainless steel burner
Heat Control: Variable heat setting
Ignition: Push button piezo ignition
Finish: Granite Black
Warranty: 24 Months
Safety Feature: Tilt auto shut-off
Safety Feature: Flame failure device
Safety Feature: Thermal fuse
Fuel: Propane/Butane
Storage: Room for 13kg cylinder
Consumption: 450g/h-870g/h
Regulator: Propane clip-on EN 12864
Hose: High pressure LPG EN 1763-1
Reflector: 1 Piece 810mm premium quality aluminium
Mobility: Heavy duty wheel assembly
Weight: Nett: 27.2kg Boxed 27.8kg
Height: 2250mm Free Stand
Footprint: 46cm

Granite Black Commercial Patio Heaters - Heateray Pro GB
Delivered price:£335.00 shopping basket image SOLD OUT

Heateray Pro patio heaters are fitted with a new burner featuring the latest technology to deliver the best of both worlds.