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How To Buy Patio Heaters

Patio heaters vary significantly from one web site to another web site and from one store to another. You'll find patio heaters with online suppliers that sell all sorts of things including garden furniture, trampolines, kitchen and laundry supplies, fitness equipment along with the jack of all trades that sell tables, chairs, utensils and all other sundries for outdoors. These traders rarely give any support and offer low value budget market items that are generally supplied via the local cash and carry or a distributor.

To avoid buying a patio heater from traders or general merchants look for support or contact details and try calling them during the daytime. Most traders calls will go straight to voice mail and often will not return calls during the daytime. The reason is they dabble in patio heaters and are busy in paid jobs which prevent them from getting to the phone and answering calls. Over the last 10 years we have seen a flood of patio heaters sold by traders (over 120 different traders and still counting!) entering the market only to disappear just as quickly as they entered. Most trader's will just about last a season or two during the peak period but ultimately these traders are undercut by the next trader, there is always one around the corner!! It is a graveyard market with many traders taking making a short term profit on budget market stock to get in quick and out fast - not much hope for the poor consumer.

The truth is patio heaters vary so much in design, quality, fittings, price, packaging, functions and type that traders always buy on price in the mistaken belief that they are all the same!! This is a market for gas professionals and should not be left to chance or in the hands of the inexperienced trader.
Patio heaters can vary so such much that inexperienced traders will invariably end up with a dated poorly designed that are manufactured in tin and fitted with low grade steel components that rust and corrode in only a few months.
We have seen this time and time again with so many calls from consumers asking for help with purchases from traders, pop up discount web sites and cash & carry. Most customers find the trader who sold them the budget heater is no longer trading. As with all gas appliances safety, quality and service are top of the list but traders just look at price and margin, your safety and how long the patio heater will work for is not their concern.
We always try and help with advice and spare parts but unfortunately due to the very low quality of the budget market patio heaters that traders sell we cannot accept repairs as these are non repairable. One quick tip is to ask if the whole burner (not just the flame screen) is made of steel or stainless steel. If they don't know or it's made from steel, this is just tin plated and will corrode away in a very short time, the closer you are based to the coast the quicker the rust gets to work in our maritime climate. This is why we only supply burners with full stainless steel body including the nuts and bolts all our branded products.

Don't spend your hard earned cash without doing some research. We have been around since 2002 and have continually developed our patio heaters to get the best models on the market and sold these at factory direct rates cutting out the middleman. Our Heateray brand is very import to us, it's why we put our name and contact details on every product that leaves the factory. They ship with a 2 year guarantee, specialist support, genuine patio heater spares, qualified and knowledgeable engineers for expert help and advice. Why waste your time and money on budget market patio heaters sold by traders, always go for the genuine thing and always buy direct from the UK's only specialist gas patio heater company.

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