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I.P Ratings For Electric Quartz Patio Heaters

The I.P. table lists the industry standards for I.P. ratings on quartz electric patio heaters.
First Characteristic Numeral Second Characteristic Numeral
I.P Tests Protection I.P Tests Protection
0 No Non protected 0 No Non protected
1 50mm diameter not permitted Back of hand 1 Protected against vertically falling drops of water Vertically dripping
2 12.5mm diameter not permitted Finger 2 Protected against vertically falling drops of water at 15° Dripping up to 15° from vertical
3 2.5mm diameter not permitted Tool 3 Protected against sprays to 60° Limited sprays
4 1.0mm diameter not permitted Wire 4 Protected against splashed from all directions Splashing from all directions
5 Limited ingress of dust permitted Dust 5 Protected against low pressure jets of water Hosing jets from all directions
6 No ingress of dust Dust tight 6 Protected against high pressure jets of water Strong hosing jets from all directions
      7 Protected against immersion between 150mm and 1m Temporary immersion
      8 Protected against continuous submersion at a specified depth Continuous immersion

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