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Lower part of stainless steel patio heater burner, identical burner fitted to branded domestic BFX750 patio heaters. This burner body is not supplied with a flame emitter screen. The diameter flame screen to fit this patio heater burner body is 27.5cm. This is not adjustable, flame screen must be exact diameter to fit. Ideal replacement for non repairable tin or chrome burners fitted to most generic patio heaters sold by many online traders. This burner has a stainless steel body with latest quick fire controls and factory fitted flame failure device with tilt auto shut-off. It is fully serviceable and spare parts are readily available to keep the burner in tip top condition.
Please note the burner collar fitting is designed to fit a 57mm pole with four self tapping stainless steel bolts (supplied). The picture on the left is the actual burner supplied, please note it does not ship with a reflector or flame emitter screen, these can be ordered separately - see below.

Heater Capacity: 44,000BTU/h
Heat Output: 5kW to 13kW
Heating Area: 9 Metres
Heat Control: Variable heat settings
Ignition: Push Button Piezo Ignition
Heat Emitter: Whisper quiet stainless steel burner
Fuel: Propane/Butane
Consumption: 450g/h-870g/h
Weight: 2.6kg
Reflector support: Fitting with 3 burner support bolts
Pole fixings Pre-drilled to take 4 screws at base
Pole diameter: 57mm

Replacement stainless steel burner body- BFX120
Supa saver price: £42.50 shopping basket image SOLD OUT

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