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patio heaters control knob AFX495 image

Fit: BFX750/5
Diameter: 40mm
Connector: Female fitting

Genuine replacement burner control knob for domestic patio heaters model number BFX750 and BFX755 only - unlikely to fit generic patio heaters. Factory fitted to all BFX750/5 models manufactured from 2004 to 2011 in all types and finishes. For Heateray Pro please refer to AFX490. For unbranded products please check with your original supplier, most are specific fit and unlikely to fit other models.
For generic and unbranded patio heaters we have made available adjustable gas control knob AFX491. Price includes a standard UK delivery charge of £2.75 per single/twin pack via Royal Mail, please allow a few days for parts to arrive.

Burner Control Knob - Single Unit
AFX495  £6.50 (inc std p&p charge) shopping basket image

Burner Control Knob - Twin Pack
AFX495/2  £10.99 (inc std p&p charge) shopping basket image