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Fit: BFX770 model pre 2009
Volts: 1.5VDC
Power: 1 x AAA battery (supplied)
Length: 55mm

Factory replacement spare part for commercial patio heaters prior to 2009. Not compatible with Patio Heater Model BFX750. Connects to ignitor lead AFX471 via two push on spade type connectors. Please refer and read patio heater guide to problem solving pages before ordering spare parts. Before ordering any spare parts it's best to first remove the worn part and compare online with the specifications and image to get a good match. Electronic piezo ignitor is supplied with a single AAA cell. For more information or help with any technical questions on piezo ignitor's call the spares department on 01793 613900 during office hours Monday to Friday or e-mail spares[at]
Price includes a standard UK delivery charge of £2.75 per item via Royal Mail, please allow a few days for parts to arrive.

Electronic Piezo Ignitor
AFX477  £18.75 (inc std p&p charge) shopping basket image SOLD OUT