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heavy duty wheels
diagram of patio heaters wheels
Heavy duty wheels for gas patio heaters fixed to the base to add mobility. If base is pre-drilled with 8 holes (see diagram) these heavy duty wheels can be retro fitted. If the factory holes are not on the patio heater base these can be drilled to fit. Supplied with all fixing bolts, supports and black wheels. Colour's available are green or copper. To order please select the colour required.
These wheels are heavy duty therefore the parcel is very heavy and includes a standard UK delivery charge of £3.50 per item via Royal Mail, please allow a few days for parts to arrive.

Patio Heater Wheels - Black/Dark Green
AFX447G  £19.95 (inc std p&p charge) shopping basket image

Patio Heater Wheels - Copper Hammered Finish
AFX447C  £19.95 (inc std p&p charge) shopping basket image


Fit: BFX750/60/70
Length: 150mm
Fittings: 16 bolts/nuts/washers