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Commercial Patio Heaters

Patio heaters designed for the commercial market are manufactured to a higher grade to withstand the hard knocks of a busy establishment. For hotels, bars, restaurants and anywhere that public has access to on a regular basis commercial patio heaters are the key solution. Whilst cost is a large part of the decision making it should be remembered that safety, durability, maintenance, and insurance cover need to be taken into account. A patio heater designed for the domestic market will not have the same build quality as commercial heaters. The best way to view this is to think of buying a cooker for your home. Purchase one from a catalogue high street shop and it would work fine and not be out of place in your home, but place that same cooker into a busy commercial kitchen like Claridge's and it would be wreaked in just a few months. Patio heaters are similar in that they are gas appliances and have to work constantly every day. There is the added stress of mobility, they often get moved about by both staff and customers. Our quality commercial patio heaters are hand built to withstand the constant pressure of commercial life and will last for many years. It can be false economy to buy the cheapest patio heaters if they will need replacing in a few months. The other consideration is the type of establishment, a greasy spoon may get away with any old patio heater but a high class establishment needs to meet customer expectations and it's image will struggle with cheap patio heaters. Commercial patio heaters look a million times better up close than some of the cheap domestic units, especially the cheap domestic 16kw patio heaters that still fit tin burners - see below.

Commercial patio heaters will need a service every so often, we have a system in place to keep them in tip top condition with our own qualified engineer. The system works very well and takes just a few days to arrange, this can be done during the summer months to avoid any disruption in the winter. To book a service read patio heater repair service.

Our commercial patio heaters feature the latest green technology to delivery more heat at lower running cost. With it's heavy duty double skinned burner it maintains high temperature via an inside insulator and directional stainless steel flame emitter screen delivers heat with great efficiency. LPG gas is much cheaper to run then electricity, at 6p per KW it is over 30% cheaper than electricity. It's also worth noting that the Carbon Trust advise that grid electricity produces twice the CO2 of LPG per KW. An electric 3KW replacement element will set you back over £200 yet a replacement element thermocouple for a commercial patio heater is under £20.00, running cost and maintenance are significantly reduced with quality gas commercial patio heaters.

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