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Gas Patio Heaters Components

A guide of components and spare parts fitted to gas patio heaters from 2003 onwards. Patio heaters can vary in constructions, not all models on the market contain the same components. Please check your heater model number, serial number and assembly/instruction booklet that shipped with the unit. For information on terms used for patio heaters please see Glossary

Components from base upwards:

Wheels x 2 with wheel assembly
Patio heaters ground fixers
Pole supports x 3
Gas access grommets
Handle hole grommets
Post grommet
Housing CE label
Post with base plate
Pole instruction label
Regulator, see ACP110 ACP130 ACB100 ACB110
Locking clip
LPG high pressure hose, see ACH105 ACH110 ACH120
LPG nipple
Locking nut
Locking clip
Burner head neck
Burner base enclosure screen
Burner control panel
Gas control knob see:
Commercial patio heaters gas control knob AFX490
Domestic patio heaters gas control knob AFX495
Adjustable gas control knob AFX491
Burner head base
Burner base top plate
Mantle base
Piezo ignitor, see:
Commercial patio heater piezo ignitors AFX470
Domestic patio heater piezo ignitors AFX475
Commercial patio heater electronic ignitors AFX477
Electrode with cable/ ignition cable see:
Commercial patio heater ignitor leads AFX471
Domestic patio heater ignitor leads AFX476
Thermocouple, see:
Commercial patio heater thermocouples AFX480
Domestic patio heater thermocouples AFX485
Auto tilt switch AFX435
Flame failure device
Gas control valve, see:
Commercial patio heater gas control valves AFX460
Domestic patio heater gas control valves AFX450
Electromagnetic Valve AFX496
Gas control plate
Burner disk
Pilot injector
Main gas tube
Mantle flame emitter screen, see BFX400
Patio Heater Burner support bolts
Reflector, see:
Patio Heater Single reflector BFX320
Patio Heater 5 piece reflector BFX310
Patio Heater 4 piece reflector BFX335
Wing nuts/washers, see AFX436

For repair service on Heateray patio heater models please refer to Patio Heater Repair Service
Please note we do not service or make repairs to unbranded or other makes of gas patio heaters and do not support old 16kw heaters with spare parts.

Please read above help pages before making any repair and check all parts first, if you need help call on 01793 613900.