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Patio Heater Reviews

Want to know want our customers think of us? Here's a few genuine unsolicited customer reviews, feedback and consumer ratings on our patio heaters, hire and rental service and support on spare parts. Original letters and e-mails are kept on file to verify the comments.

Extremely fast delivery from UK to Spain, great service!!. My patio heater now working again - thanks
April 09 Alicante
Arrived quickly and the product is of high quality, very pleased, many thanks.
April 09 Richmond
Patio heater just arrived, looks great thank you. Excellent.
March 09 Tenby
Super fast despatch, excellent service, thermcouple fitted a treat. Added to my favourites
March 09 Redditch
Good company to deal with, many thanks for all the help and advice fixing my old patio heater
March 09 Bury
Very pleased with my new patio heater. Excellent service !! Many thanks
March 09 Oxford
Sin palabras. Todo a la perfeccion
March 09 Madrid
March 09 Glasgow
Would buy from here again
March 09 Hastings
*THE* ultimate patio heater, looks a million dollars in my garden!!!
March 09 Cambridge
Does what it says on the tin. Many thanks.
March 09 Plymouth
Top quality and excellent value with a good delivery time . Many thanks.
March 09 Cardiff
Delivery went missing with Royal Mail but sent replacement quickly Top service, many thanks
March 09 Wendover
Very pleased, thank you
February 09 London
brilliant stuff*good service*good price*well wrapped
February 09 Chippenham
February 09 Chessington
Patio heater burner arrived promptly, as described. Thanks. Pleasure to do business with you!
February 09 Warrington
Positive feedback rating brilliant service ordered patio heater thermocouple on Thursday and it arrived Saturday, at-5 star will order again.
February 09 Gloucester
Excellent patio heater, mega fast delivery great service, thank you very much!
February 09 Coventry
Tutto come specificato. Ottimo venditore.
February 09 Rome
5 stars feedback - Thank you - Danke - Merci - Grazie Mille -
January 09 London
Great customer service. Thanks for all the help with my Enders patio heater
January 09 Manchester
Rapidez, efectividad, sin problemas.
January 09 Javea
January 09 London
Delivered in good time and in good condition, many tks
January 09 Parkstone
Received new reflector very fast very helpful and good man!!
January 09 Goole
Very prompt, spares fitted as promised, pleasure to deal with!
January 09 Brighton
Brilliant, Top product, fast delivery; couldn't ask for more. Many thanks
December 08 Swindon
good to do business with 100% rate
December 08 Eastbourne
Great service+just what I was looking for+many thanks+++++++
December 08 Bridlington
Quick delivery Well packed Highly recommended A++++
December 08Southport
Honest and comprehensive, patio heater in perfect condition : very very special thanks !
December 08 Nottingham
Love my new heater and everyone sits outside now. No more chilly evenings.
December 08 Islington
December 08 Glasgow
Christmas present, he already knows about it as he picked this one out. Now my turn to pick!
December 08 London
Royal Oak
Heaters are great but the main thing for us is spares, keep up the good work guys, will be back for more
November 08 Cardiff
Googled patio heater repair and here you are. Found the problem, parts arrived in post and fixed it, brilliant!
November 08 Kenley
This is my birthday present to myself and I love it. thanks patioheaters4u
November 08 Hertford
Arrived next day, very fast. Put the patio heater up but not started it yet as we want to wait until it stops raining.
November 08 Bexleyheath
Cover fits perfect. Thanks.
November 08 St Helens
My new Focus patio heater which stopped working and they told me they don't stock spares. Had to find you on Google and glad you helped. Thank you and shame on you Focus.
November 08 Chislehurst
The stainless steel patio heater is very big, much bigger than I though but it looks OK in my small garden.
November 08 Chessington
White Horse
Recommended from the Cross Keys and very happy with the product. Great for our smokers and so far they all work like a dream.. Good service.
November 08 Derby
Was going to take the patio heater down to the street bins here in Javea when I found you on Google. The new thermocouple fixed it and now firing up fine. Excellent site and a credit to UK.
November 08 Spain
Amazing service, only ordered yesterday and everything arrived next day. We put the gas bottle inside to test and it's working very well. Thank you very much.
November 08 Sale
Very posh heater, can't believe how hot it gets.
October 08 London
Very speedy delivery, A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
October 08 Guildford
Wish I got a patio heater sooner, now I can sit for as long as I like on my patio, great
October 08 Tonbridge
Choose the black patio heater to go with my new patio table and chairs and it matches perfectly. how good is that!
October 08 Ripon
Heater arrived before the gas, both working fine. Thanks you for your excellent service.
September 08 London
Really good thick cover, costs a bit but well worth it.
September 08 Cambridge
Hunted around for ages till someone told me you sell all sorts of spare parts for patio heaters. This fits my Enders patio heater and works like new. thanks guys
September 08 London
Really chuffed with the patio heater, stainless steel as we're right on the beach and nothing lasts when winter gets going. This heaters looks great.
September 08 Worthing
Biggest event of the year and all went without a hitch, your patio heater guys put them up and took them down all on time. A lot of very happy delegates.
September 08 London
Other half must have a patio heater to stay warm, this one does just that. Thanks patio heater company.
August 08 Mitcham
Parts fits my patio heater purchased in Dublin, works fine over here.
August 08 Cork
Sue M
Just a quick message to say thank you for the quick and trouble free service I received with my patio heater order I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anybody.
August 08 Wolverhampton
Thank you for the useful tips, ordered the green patio heater which arrived duly as agreed and now keeping me very warm on my new patio. Can't thanks you enough for the wonderful service.
August 08 Sterling
Ordered gas on Monday and Wednesday it arrived. Didn't have to be in, made it very easy for us as we both work. Many thanks for a great service
August 08 Manchester
Can I thank you for the help speaking on the phone last week. Worked on it Sunday to put new patio heater part in place. First time it fires up for over a year, never worked so well before.
July 08 Croydon
Finally got the patio heater I wanted, it's so shinny and new, just love sitting in the garden in the evening. Thank you patio heaters guys.
July 08 Barnet
I'm a gas engineer and even I found it hard to find the parts needed to fix my mum's patio heater. Good web site and speedy service. Parts worked fine on her patio heater.
July 08 Nottingham
DHL delivered on time today, heaters is very heavy so leaving to the expert to put up tonight.
July 08 Devizes
Enders gave us you number and the parts sent fitted no problem. Working all the time now.
June 08 Catford
Never can trust the UK weather, the wedding was lovely but we did in the end need the patio heaters. Your guys are helped clear away, and made it very easy for us, that you very much
June 08 Watford
Had our first garden party at the weekend and everyone now wants a patio heater like ours. It's going to get used every weekend
June 08 Paddington
Replaced my old patio heater, this one is miles better. My mum now wants one the same.
June 08 Market Harborough
You guys are the best, wonderful site with so much info. Found it, fixed it and now sorted it. Thanks
May 08 London
Parts work.
May 08 Kidlington
It's so warm in my small back garden now, just the right size and looks just like the pub patio heaters. Love it.
May 08 London
Nobody has gas patio heaters locally, found you on Google and surprised you deliver here. It arrived very well packed, all working fine last night.
May 08 Neath
Gas arrived first so that had us worried but just an hour later DHL arrived with the patio heater. Good instructions, all went together easy. Good service would buy again.
May 08 Torquay
So helpful on the phone, made this very pleasurable. It arrived today, thank you.
April 08 Selby
John B
Not often I have to thank someone but you guys have been a great help in getting my patio heater back to full health, the part arrived next day, only cost £7.15 and worked like a charm. Put you on my favourites just in case I need you again.
April 08 Tadcaster
Had to e-mail you ref above patio heater order. I wanted to let you know that your service has been outstanding and what you said actually happened, (so rare these days). Will be highly recommending you to all my family and friend and will definitely be back on your patio heater site in the future. Once again thank you for excellent service and a wonderful product.
April 08 Sale
Glad I found help page, worked like a dream and the patio heater is back to normal.
April 08 Wakefield
Love my new patio heater, thank you very much.
March 08 Epsom
Feeling the heat, been a long winter.
March 08 Dundee
Put the patio heater up at the weekend with first drinks of the year outside. My family all loved sitting outside in the warmth.
March 08 Guildford
Good help on the phone, parts did fit and now working, many thanks
March 08 Wendover
All good, A+++
March 08 Sidcup
Very quick delivery, heaters not out of box yet and looking forward to sitting in the garden in Spring.
March 08 Brighton
Thanks, excellent service would recommend.
February 08 Brighton
Parts arrived, fitted them myself and working, Can't complain with that.
February 08 London
Reflector is much better than the one that came with the patio heater. Even though it's not one of your patio heaters it still fitted and looks great.
February 08 Edinburgh
Once again excellent service, all patio heaters worked and staff very quick and left everything clean and tidy. Hope to see all again at the next conference
February 08 Birmingham
Saw the same patio heater in London and very pleased when it arrived. Very good quality and a long warranty A++++++++
February 08 Harrow
Very good information on the web site, found the part I needed with a bit of reading and it worked. Magic - thanks
January 08 Harrow
My old patio heater cost over 400 5 years ago, can't believe how much they are now and they look so much better. Thanks a lot
January 08 Shrewsbury
The Bell
Good patio heaters at least they don't lean like the last lot we had. Brewery sent some patio heater that worked for all of 2 weeks and packed in. I guess you get what you pay for! Excellent service
January 08 Leeds
Package arrived today! Patio heater parts look identical to what I need, will try to install over the weekend.
January 08 review
Mr J
Many thanks for a wonderful service. Ordered a new patio heater reflector on the Thursday afternoon and delivered Friday afternoon. Amazing service and very helpful staff. A credit to the retail industry. Well done!
January 08 Great Yarmouth
My part is fitted, the problem is gone and the patio heater is working normal. No parts here in Denmark, only UK
December 07 Denmark
What a superb bit of kit, last patio heater rusted away but this one I can see is completely different. At least this time the 2 year guarantee will cover me, thanks guys
December 07 Bournemouth
The patio heater cover is so much better than the one sent with my patio heater which only covered the top. This goes all the way to the ground and black matches my table and chairs. Thank you
December 07 Lymington
Thank you for a very speedy service, just waiting for the gas but they phoned to say they are fully booked until Thursday
December 07 Reading
All arrived today many thanks to you. Patio Heater delivered 08.30, brilliant!
December 07 Lincoln Review
Both heaters came next day as promised, easy to put up and worked first time. Good service and very pleased
November 07 Sheffield
All our clients enjoyed the event, patio heaters worked and gas only ran out after we cleared the last of the party guests. Second time we've used your heaters and found the staff and service polite, helpful and efficient.
November 07 London
Took a bit to work our how to fit the thermocouple but managed to get it working. Keep up the good work
November 07 Plymouth
Lynns Cafe
Arrived today, working and keeping our customers warm, thanks for your advice
October 07 Leeds
Glad I found you, last patio heater I had never worked from day one but this one starts every time. Can now use the garden at last
October 07 Wendover
Took 7 days to get to my home in Germany, fits and now working. Good information, very knowledgeable.
October 07 Germany
Even though it's not one of your patio heaters the part fits and now fires up for the first time in 2 years. Thanks for you help.
October 07 Slough
Got my patio heater working for less than a tenner, thanks guys.
October 07 York
Great service, patio heater came next day and working by 5pm, put the BBQ on!
October 07 Biggin Hill
Ordered patio heater on Monday arrived Tuesday in plenty of time for my party at the weekend, great success.
September 07 Kent
My neighbor has one of your patio heaters for a few years now, we only wanted one that works so well, thanks you for such good service.
September 07 Harrow
New patio heater is belting out the heat, can't believe how good it is to sit out side at night and turn to TV off
September 07 Glasgow
Thank you for all the help and sorry to trouble you. The advice given worked, we had been about to throw the patio heater away
September 07 Swansea
Reflector fits prefect, many thanks
September 07 St Austell
Speedy service, patio heater is excellent quality and works a treat, many thanks
August 07 Faringdon
Carpenters Arms
Last patio heaters lasted less than a year but these commercial ones are very impressive. Heat is good and if they last longer we shall come back for 2 more heaters
August 07 London
Great service, heaters are in very good condition and client was very impressed. We shall defiantly use your service again. Thank you very much
August 07 London
Misses loves her new patio heater, can't her in at night now, Thanks
August 07 Portsmouth
Parts work fine
August 07 Truro
The Red Lion
Good quality with massive heat. Regulars will love these new patio heaters
August 07 Oxford
Event was a great success, heaters worked all night - final guest left at 3am.
August 07 Surrey
Fast delivery. arrived today many thanks to you.
August 07 Stockport
Hubby fitted the new burner, all working and keeping us warm as toast
July 07 Shelly
Please pass on my thanks to your team for an excellent job at our event. All patio heaters worked brilliantly, even for July it was a bit chilly and guests needed the extra heat
July 07 London
Thanks for all the help, so nice to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about. Parts fitted and patio heater firing up fine now
July 07 Basildon
Great service
July 07 Leeds
Arrived damaged but sorted out quickly, thanks guys for wonderful service.
July 07 Peterborough
Vin P
Arrived on time as promised, very helpful staff.
July 07 Guildford
Can't fault it, all parts arrived on time and working A+++++++++
July 07 Cardiff
Tom T
Not often I e-mail to for a job well done but you guys pulled out all the stops to get my patio heater in time for the party, gas and heater arrived in the morning as promised and working for the evening.
July 07 London
Allen T
Just a quick line to say the spare missing screw arrived OK this time. The excellent service is much appreciated and the patio heater is a bargain at the price. Glad I did not go to the local DIY.
June 07 London
Andy T
This is a quick e-mail just to say what a tremendous service and value for money I think you have provided. The product I ordered came the next day and I am very impressed with the quality. I must admit to being slightly skeptical about the quality because the patio heaters were being sold at a price which is far lower than most of the competition, however I had no reason to be concerned. Easy to assemble, excellent instructions, and a very sturdy good quality patio heater.
June 07 Review
June 06 Basildon, Essex
Good customer service, would recommend
June 06 London
Parts fits, my heater is now working again as new, thank you
June 06 Belgium
Fast delivery, arrived next day, can't wait to try it out +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
June 06 Bristol
Sal and Jon B
Thank you for sorting out DHL and getting the patio heater to us on time. In the end we had a great party and weather was a bit chilly.
June 06 Tenby
Sarah J
10 of 10 for a great service and the patio heater looks brill.
June 06 Warrington
Recommended and bought a patio heater, very pleased.
June 06 Leamington Spa Warwickshire
Ben C
Had ordered a patio heater from another site and waited a week for it to arrive. Finally cancelled and ordered a patio heater from you and it arrived next day! how do you do it? Great service.
June 06 Hemel Hempstead
Peter A
Fantastic web site, found the spare parts for my patio heater and ordered on Tuesday, parts arrived Thurs, got my patio heater working for the weekend. Many thanks.
June 06 Truro Cornwall Review
Fiona P
Excellent support for our company event, would use your patio heater hire services again and have recommended.
June 06 Windsor Berkshire Review
Just a short message to say I have received delivery the part fits OK thanks again for been so helpful
June 06 Rotherham Yorkshire Review
Alan C
Received my patio heater today, very impressed with your service. Thank you very much I will certainly recommend you to friends. Brilliant nice to deal with you. More to follow
May 06 London Middx Review
Jane S
The patio heater arrived this morning. Thank you so much for a wonderful service.
May 06 Swansea Wales Review
Jon S
Good web site, very clear. Ordered spare parts for our old patio heater and they fitted a treat. Saved you on our favourites just in case we need to use again.
August 05 Edinburgh Scotland Review
Sally W
Ordered on Monday, patio heater and gas arrived on Tuesday, quick and hassle free, thank you.
July 05 Halifax Yorkshire Review
Simone A
The event went without a hitch, the delegates stayed out most of night under the patio heaters, a great success, many thanks to your team for a job well done.
July 05 St. Albans Herts Review
Rob W
Thanks for the expeditious chase up of DHL. They arrived at 1.45pm with the patio heater. We had a lovely BBQ with 40 odd guests on Saturday, and they all loved the patio heaters, so expect a clutch of orders from Glasgow.
July 05 Glasgow Scotland Review
Liz M
Just a quick note to say that the patio heater arrived safely and we are extremely please with the quality and build of the heater.
June 05 Corby Northants Review
Patsy J
Just to say a big thank you for the excellent service as we received our patio heater this morning, very please with it. Thanks again.
June 05 Plymouth Devon review
May 05 Salisbury Wiltshire
William F
As promised the patio heater arrived very next day and fired up first time. Thank you for trying to sort out my old patio heater.
May 05 Lincoln Review
Sammy S
Thank you for an excellent service, the hire ticked all the boxes and our client's guests needed the heat on a very chilly day. We shall be back to use your hire service on future events.
Joan M
Excellent quality, purchased one patio heater for guests, will order another two when summer arrives.
April 05 Leicester Review
Mark B
Ordered a patio heater after a mates recommendation, great bit of kit and doing its job, ta very much.
March 05 Maidstone Kent Review
Will W
I looked everywhere for a part for my heater until I landed on your site. Part fitted and my heater is working like new again.
March 05 Kingston Hull Review
Terry P
Thank you for arranging the retirement present, the patio heater arrived on the correct day and they are all thrilled with the gift. Many thanks for your efforts.
March 05 Liverpool Mersey
Josh C
Love our new patio heater and such a good deal on the net.
March 05 Windsor Berks Review
Sally H
Thank you for sorting out our heater, we had to throw the old rusty burner away and fitted the new stainless steel one on and it worked first time, very pleased and we will recommend to all.
February 05 Oldham Manchester
John Q
May I take this opportunity to thank you for the support shown while undertaking the Olympic event bid at Stratford Station.
February 05 Stratford London Review
Darren P
Just a quick e-mail to say thanks very much for my patio heater. The service I have received has been fantastic, from advice to delivery at 9am the following day. I will be recommending you to everyone. Thanks again.
December 04 Margate Essex
Ana C
Thank you so much I got the heater yesterday. Many thanks for everything, just to let you know if it makes any difference telling you this but I was really happy with the full service from the start until the end. Thank you again.
December 04 Yorkshire Review
Don P
Good value patio heater at half the shop price. Many thanks
November 04 Manchester
Gerry I
Not often I e-mail to congratulate on a fine service, many thanks for a top class job supplying your patio heaters last weekend.
November 04 Dunbarton Review
Joe P
The reflector arrived damaged and new replacement arrived next day in one piece. Thank you for sorting this out and the very quick service.
Nov 04 London Middx
Peter T
Just a quick thank you for the very quick delivery of the heater and gas. Both arrived early yesterday and I will be assembling it later. Thank you once again
Nov 04 Paignton Devon
Jane T
Please pass on my thanks to your team for last weeks hire. The patio heaters kept us all as warm as toast and the event was a great success, will pass on your details.
Oct 04 Salisbury Wilts
Ordered a patio heater on Monday, here on Tuesday morning, gas arrived in the afternoon and sitting under it in the evening. many thanks.
Oct 04 Basildon Essex Review
Josh S
Borrowed my mates patio heater for a party and it was so good I ended up buying the same one. He's had his a few years and still going strong, can't be bad.
Oct 04 Potters Bar Herts Review
Sam M
Ordered a patio heater from another site and waited 2 weeks only to told they are waiting for stock - how cheeky is that. Told them to refund me and ordered one from you and it arrived the very next morning - now that's what I call top class service.
Oct 04 Luton Beds
Ali A
Needed a patio heater quick for my 21st party and glad I found you guys, very helpful on the phone and DHL delivered next day - job done!
Oct 04 Bristol Avon
Sarah G
Event went really well, our client was delighted with the heaters supplied. Added you to our list for future events.
Sept 04 Surrey Review
Gary D
My wife is delighted with her new patio heater, it arrived on her birthday. All the best
Sept 04 Derby Review
Colin D
Parts for my patio heater arrived yesterday, fitted them today and all working as new. Thanks
Sept 04 Portsmouth Hants Review
Derek G
Thanks for the excellent service, ordered a patio heater and gas on Wed and heater arrived Thursday with gas on Friday - all sorted for our big party. Well done
Sept 04 West London Review
Hire went really well, next time will only hire 10 heaters, thanks for your help
Sept 04 Berkshire Review
Hugh J
Just a quick note to say many thanks for all the sound advice in fixing my heater. Nice of you guys to help even though I bought it elsewhere! The part for my heater arrived very next day and all works fine.
Aug 04 Leeds Yorkshire
Lynda B
I just bought a patio heater from you last week and it's absolutely brill. I have passed you web site address onto my envious friends.
Aug 04 Sunningdale Surrey Review
Pete P
Got one of your patio heaters for my parents 25th wedding anniversary and they love it. Thanks and I'll be back to buy one for myself when I've finished the garden.
Aug 04 Torquay Devon Review
Great service, it's not often you get to speak to a real person when you phone, thank you for all the help and just a quick note to let you know it arrived safe and sound on the next day we ordered.
Aug 04 Southampton Hants Review
Miss B
Spent ages looking for a patio heater and thankfully found your site. Everything is so clear and easy to understand and glad I bought my shiny new patio heater from you.
Aug 04 Stockport Review
Lisa M
Many thanks for all the help and advice given when I called you. Patio heater arrived and I got my flat mate to set it up and he was very impressed with how quick it was and how well made. Given you number to the office in case anyone wants to buy a heater.
Aug 04 Birmingham Review
John & Sue
Great service, we had a party and needed the heater next day. It arrived bang on time and did the job, might come back and get one for my mother
Aug 04 Sheffield
Gary A
Had an old patio heater that died on me and bought one of yours to replace. They have come a long way, the new heater is just brilliant!!
Aug 04 Newcastle
Kev and Angie
Just a quick note to say that the patio heater arrived today! Blimey, can't fault you on your service. If once I've assembled it's as good as I'm expecting it to be, I will be recommending you guys to all who sit under it.
Aug 04 London Middx Review
Brian W
Just thought I'd drop you a line and say thank you for your excellent Product and Service. Having ordered a Stainless Steel Heater BFX760 from you last Monday at midday, it was delivered early morning on Tuesday, less than 24hrs later ...stunning delivery. The product itself is of an excellent quality and complete with simple build and operation instructions, neatly packed within a single box. I would be happy to recommend your company to anyone wishing to purchase similar products and I am happy for you to pass this e-mail on to any potential customers who would like some independent feedback on your products or services.
Aug 04 Surrey Review
A very successful event, many thanks for the patio heaters and the quick clean up.
Aug 04 London Review
Gary L
Parts fitted my heater perfect, saved taking the patio heater to the local tip!.
Aug 04 Stoke on Trent
Damian D
Many thanks....My patio heater has arrived ...excellent service.
Aug 04 Teddington Surrey
Will H
Top class service, parts arrived next day. Thanks for all the help and information fixing my patio heaters.
July 04 Gloucester Review
Josh K
Thanks for sorting out the patio heater and arranging gas, made my life much easier!!.
July 04 Basingstoke Berks Review
Ben R
Hunted around for ages for a patio heater and found your site very clear, all the information needed and at a really good price, don't know how you do it but thank you for an excellent service.
July 04 Newbury Berks
Terri S
Thank you for the help and advice on our heater. New part arrived and fitted same day.
July 04 Belfast
Bob L
Good service from your company, really nice to speak to a real person and get sound advice. Patio heater arrived and looks good.
June 04 Glasgow
Clare F
Many thanks for the patio heater hire last weekend, we had over 100 people for the event and even though it's June we needed every single one of the heaters your company supplied. We shall be back for more, thank you again.
June 04 London Middx
Andrew b
Just thought I'd let you know that my patio heater arrived safely yesterday morning. I'm more than pleased with it and had it up and running last night. Thank you for all the information and keeping me updated on the progress of my order.
June 04 Devon
Sharon B
Just a quick not to say I received my patio heater on Friday.  I am very pleased with it and thank you very much for your prompt service.
June 04 Guildford Surrey Review
Ian G
I'm very impressed with the quality of the patio heater I've just purchased.
June 04 Doncaster
Paddy T
Excellent service, I shall recommend you to friends who may be looking a little later in the year for a patio heater.  Thanks for all your help.
May 04 Frimley Review
Oliver T
What a cracking service - patio heater has just arrived, look and works great!
May 04 Brighton
Tim T
Just thought I would drop you a note to say the patio heater heater arrived Saturday and they are delighted with it, what a fantastic service, thanks.
May 04 Cardiff Review
Our event went to plan, really needed the heaters supplied on hire, the weather was against us and quite a cold day. Many thanks, will recommend.
April. 04 Yorkshire
Love our new patio heater, many thanks for all the help given and sorry for all the phone calls and questions.
April. 04 Leeds Review
Jenny J
Not used to buying on the computer and very glad I did. Very good patio heater and cost so much less than our local stores.
March. 04 Ealing
Simon B
Very fast, arrived on Monday and had it running for our garden party on Friday, Thanks.
March. 04 London
Vince A
Thank you very much for a fast, friendly service on my patio heater.
Feb. 04 Surrey Review
Sharon S
The patio heater is great and we have had a lot of use from it, thank you very much.
Jan 04 Newcastle
Giles P
I bought a patio heater heater from you just before Christmas and I am thrilled with it.
Jan 04 Reading
Gerry H
Not sure what to expect buying online but did not need to worry, put the patio heater up at the weekend and worked first time.
Dec 03 Newcastle Tyne and Wear
Mark G
Arrived yesterday morning, sorting the gas at the weekend. The patio heater looks very good, can't wait to use it.
Dec 03 Swansea Wales
Alan A
Very lucky to find a local company, great patio heater, thanks.
Dec 03 Swindon Wilts
Sean O
Great Patio heater, Nice person good communication, swift delivery. Recommend
Nov 03 Yeovil Review
Chelsea P
excellent service fast delivery I will continue to use & recommend this firm
Nov 03 Harrogate
Harry N
Nice and helpful and patio heater arrived quickly and in excellent order - thanks!
Nov 03 Kettering
Nev A
Excellent trade - Highly recommended
Nov 03 Oxford Review
Chelsea P
Fast delivery fantastic service a pleasure to deal with thank you
Nov 03 Harrogate Review
Darren O
Excellent service - highly recommended A++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Nov 03 King's Lynn Norfolk Review
Great Patio heater, Nice Chap. Good communication, swift delivery. Recommend. A++++
Nov 03 Swansea Wales Review
Ben and Sally
Found you on the web, so much cheaper than our B & Q store and looks very big
Nov 03 London Middx Review
Mr W
I write to thank your company for providing a very high quality product at a very low price, many of the patio heaters we had seen had very high price tickets and looked poor quality. I hope there are many more web company soon that will offer such good quality and low prices, very well done.
Nov 03 High Wycombe Bucks Review
Chaw H
Great communication, prompt & polite. Great service. Would definitely use again
Nov 03 Tamworth Review
Gary M
Extremely helpful - great communication and excellent quality goods. A+
Oct 03 Ripon Yorks
Charles W
Excellent Buy - Well made - and a very prompt delivery!
Oct 03 Redruth Cornwall Review
Wendy P
Excellent service and very helpful advice on the phone
Oct 03 Glasgow Review
Jem M
Prompt and efficient service, fully up to expectations
Oct 03 Corby Review
Maz M
Very easy to deal with - would definitely buy from again 5 star service
Sept 03 London
Colin L
Excellent patio heater from a first class company.
Sept 03 Cambridge Review
Tony M
Great to deal with, spanking product, better than described. Cheers
Sept 03 Milton Keynes Review
Alan E
Excellent service great backup great patio heater 100%+++++++++++++
Sept 03 Poole Dorset Review
Holly A
Very good I had no problems
Sept 03 Kidderminster
Mandy O
Very happy, received within 2 days as agreed, and in perfect condition.
Sept 03 Doncaster Review
Nik M
Very smooth purchase, friendly staff, even helped getting the right fuel. THANKS :)
Aug 03 Preston Review
Tim P
The web site and heater both exceed expectation. Reference available any time
Aug 03 Derby Derbyshire
Cindy P
Fab patio heater and first class service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A++++++++++++++++++THANKS
Aug 03 Stourbridge Review
Gary N
excellent service patio heater delivered and excellent working order
Aug 03 Stoke On Trent
Steve P
BUY YOUR HEATER FROM HERE! Exemplary service & all round nice guys
Aug 03 Wells Somerset
Steve P
Great patio heater - recommended
July 03 Newcastle Tyne & Wear Review
Ian H
very good service
July 03 Glasgow Scotland Review
Very swift and efficient, recommend patio heater to all
July 03 Chigwell Essex Review
July 03 Portsmouth
Great patio heater, excellent service - can't fault anything.
July 03 Doncaster Review
Wendy P
1st Class Product 1st Class Service Thanks.
June 03 Leeds Yorkshire Review
Mrs. G
Highly recommended , patio heater could not have been better. Thank you.
June 03 Windsor Review

To add your review and rate our patio heaters please e-mail info[at] or write to us with your feedback.
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