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Domestic Patio Heaters

Patio heaters manufactured for the domestic, residential and home use are very similar in size, heat output and look to commercial patio heaters. For many years domestic patio heaters had grossly overpriced tickets and mainly supplied via DIY stores, garden centre's and gas companies. This all changed in 2003 when we become the very first to supply factory direct patio heaters and cut out the middleman. Prices plummeted as traders struggled to match our low factory direct price and in doing so they sacrificed quality to match our prices. Even now, years later there are budget patio heaters using tin, chrome and now increasingly low grade plastic in the manufacture of domestic patio heaters. It is difficult to match factory direct rates and whilst many traders have moved on (over 150 have since disappeared) some still battle on by reducing quality further to maintain pricing. The key to all patio heaters is quality, nobody wants a rusty piece of tin sitting in the garden, yet virtually all 16KW heaters still fit tin burners - see below.
The success we have in the domestic market has only been achieved by our heritage. We started supplying high quality patio heater to the commercial market and developed the domestic market from our long experience within the commercial sector. Our domestic patio heaters have the same principles of the commercial market to ensure they are constructed and use the right materials for a long life. We don't fit tin burners, we don't fit plastic parts to metal parts, we don't supply undersized reflectors, we don't fit tables to hammered finish, we don't send out half size covers. We do offer 2 year warranty, we do QC check every production, we do make continually factory improvements and we have one the highest customer recommendation rates!
The old 16kw domestic patio heaters came to market to satisfy gas consumption at a time when energy was not the buzz word. It helped gas companies sell higher volume of gas with these gas guzzlers but did little for the patio heater market. New EU regulations came into effect in 2009 that reduced gas consumption within the gas control valve, factory direct means that the latest, greenest and most advanced burners will in the market first - others are still selling old stocks and will do many years to come as they slowly clear down old stocks. Domestic patio heaters factory direct will always be first with new technology, built to last and offer support that traders struggle to match.
Our domestic patio heaters are built to last and look good on your patio or in your garden for many years. We also hold and maintain records on models, service, parts and instructions to back catalogue for 10 years. If you need any part on one of our BFX domestic patio heaters will will be able to supply. Or if you want us to service or make a repair we have our own dedicated engineer, just call us or see patio heater repairs page.

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