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Patio Heaters Factory Direct

There are significant advantages to buying patio heaters at factory direct over supply from traders, retail or DIY stores.

Latest Technology

Factory direct will always be first with the latest technology with improvements to its own patio heaters and brand. Following extensive QC testing at the factory and with pre-production field testing any flaws are quickly resolved. Production processes are regularly reviewed and amended with new moulding to manufacture the latest and the highest quality product. This is an ongoing commitment to the build and the manufacturing process. Since some of the components are generic and not manufactured at the factory, these generic parts are regularly tested and updated to ensure they are the best in design and function to meet the requirements of the latest patio heaters.

Branding is Key to Success.

Without doubt branding plays a vital and pivotal role in building a successful quality product. The generic patio heaters and sub brands are dominated by low quality stock with an emphasis on a cheap retail price ticket to attract budget shoppers and at the same time deliver a high margin to the trader. Most traders supply originates from cash and carries, wholesalers or local job lot importers, these patio heaters will not carry any brand markings or logos and are classed as generic unbranded budget imports.

Spare Parts

Traders never supply spares for their patio heaters, the reason is they switch from the cheapest local source on a seasonal basis. By not maintaining a consistent supply there is no way of knowing what parts are fitted and batches of patio heaters change many times over. Generic patio heaters that carry no markings or contact details are the ideal product for traders with little chance of any warranty comeback. Margin is another key factor in supplying generic patio heaters, traders often make up a RSP's that is inflated and then claim 60% off or even a ridiculous 75% off the inflated RSP price - everybody loves a bargain - except it's not really a bargain and just the dodgy dealing of traders making a killing.
Retail and traders of patio heaters rarely offer any support or any help lines for issues that might arise. They just don't employ skilled or trained staff with the knowledge to help and guide consumers on the different types of patio heaters. They can't offer spare parts since they have no or little contact with the factory and continually switch to the cheapest wholesaler.
When things go wrong it's very much a case of walk away and do nothing or as we've seen time and time again most traders just disappear. As with any gas appliance it pays to research fully and not take any chances.
Material Used In Manufacture
Factory patio heaters always use high quality material in the manufacture of their models and brand. By putting a brand stamp they are declaring who they are and very importantly what the product stands for. You will not find factory patio heaters with cheap tin or chrome burners fitted to their branded patio heaters. Why, see on the left how a tin or chrome burner fitted to generic patio heaters look after just one year in the UK compared to a quality branded burner. Factory patio heaters will use quality parts and material in the manufacture, they have their brand name stamped on their patio heaters!

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