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Patio Heaters FAQ

Q. Why do you not stock table patio heaters?
A. Table models produce about 7KW of heat, only just double that of electric quartz and therefore very low output. On very warm nights this is OK but when the temperature drops the output on a table heater will not produce sufficient heat to heat a table which is what they are supposed to do. We do not wish to misled our customers so only produce patio heaters that are up to the job.
Q. Can they be painted?
A. The powder coated and hammered models can be painted. Local DIY store sell enamel paint or hammered paint. Just rub down the metal surface, take all loose material off and either paint or use a spray can. Only paint from the burner downwards, never paint the burner or the reflector. Stainless steel should not require painting, if your stainless steel patio heater is showing signs of corrosion you may have a chrome or tin plated finish.
Q. Can I get a drinks tables on hammered heaters?
A. Sorry but drinks tables are only suitable for full stainless steel patio heaters. The reason is simple, the tables are clamped on via a twist/turn grip. To change a gas cylinder the table must be unclamped and moved up and down the pole. This is OK on full stainless steel but leaves groves in hammered and paint effect. Given time and a few cylinder changes the pole on hammered or powder coated models will rust due to loosing of the factory finish.
Q. Can you leave them outside all the time?
A. In the spring, summer and autumn it’s no problem and they will come to no harm. For winter it’s best to move under cover and bring out when during use. Stainless steel patio heaters are more durable than a powder coated and hammered models, we recommend a full length patio heater cover on powder coated and hammered models. If storms are forecast with gales it's best to either remove the reflector or move to a sheltered spot away from any gusts of wind.
Q. What happens if it's accidentally knocked over?
A. Our patio heaters are fitted with "belt & braces" triple safety devices, one is an auto tilt switch designed to shut the gas supply off at a 30° angle. Should you need to a replacement part our genuine spare parts department holds spares for to 10 years old. If a repair is needed see repair service page.
Q. Why do some budget market patio heaters have plastic bases?
A. There are a few on the market with plastic or tin painted bases fitted to stainless steel heaters. Not sure why but guess it must be a cost saving measure. All our branded Heateray Pro and BFX mid range heaters are fitted with matching bases designed to look good and weather well.
Q. What other maintenance is required?
A. Spray lubricant on moving parts, wheels, gas valve knob and nuts/bolts when required. Left outside they weather very slowly, using patio heater covers is a good way to help prevent powder coated and hammered models from fading in strong sunlight. Periodically check the LPG high pressure hose when changing the gas cylinder to see if there are any splits or cracks in the hose.
Q. Why are 16W patio heaters sold?
A. Years ago before energy efficiency become the buzz word the trend was bigger equalled better. These older gas guzzlers are starting to disappear now to be replaced by the latest high energy models. Since the majority of 16kw patio heaters still use tin or chrome burners we have taken the decision to discontinue supporting spare parts for them. The problem is they burned more fuel than they could harness. Very similar to driving a 3.5 litre car down a 30 mph road, you get there the same time as a 1.0 litre car but you'll use twice the amount of fuel getting there. In America they have some large outdoor events and you can find true 16kw patio heaters but unlike our UK tin heaters the American models have massive triple reflectors that are wider on each upward tier and are much taller. These USA heaters cost about $900 and of course LPG gas is less than half the price in USA to UK. Unfortunately American heaters are not legal in the UK and they operate on different LPG gas pressure to European standards. It's also worth noting that a UK 16KW patio heater would not match the heating area of a USA heater and will unfortunately cost much more to run.
Q. Can I take a patio heater aboard?
A. For EU zones they fully CE certified and will operate within legal requirement for all EU countries. For Germany you will need an adapter fitted to the burner to convert the gas pressure. You may need to buy a gas LPG regulator, most EU countries have their own type of LPG gas cylinders and can vary regionally. If you wish to take a patio heater outside the EU you will need to check with the LPG gas specification for the country. These vary but there are many that share the same LPG gas pressure to UK. Local knowledge will be needed.
Q. Are all patio heaters the same?
Just like TV's/Stereo there are high end specifications and low budget models with vast differences in quality, the budget market patio heaters may look very similar from a distance but will not perform the same. All budget market heaters cut costs by fitting chrome burners to stainless steel patio heaters. If the specification states steel burner or is not mentioned it's best to avoid. All our ranges are fitted with stainless steel burners and shipped with our triple safety features. We do not manufacture low quality patio heaters, we leave that to traders and cash & carry.
Q. What is a commercial patio heater?
A. Our Heateray Pro is the one you will see in pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK. These heaters are more robust, manufactured with higher grade components and engineered to take the heavy duty of commercial life - for more information visit what makes commercial grade?
Q. Do they need to be assembled?
A. The simple answer is yes, all patio heaters sold will need a small level of assembly. Courier companies are unable to transport bulky items without protective packaging and a means of lifting them. They are shipped in a carton measuring 170x90x90 (hwd), inside the carton you'll find English instructions, warranty details, assembly instructions and a spanner. To assemble allow 15 to 20 minutes, everything except the gas cylinder to operate is inside the box.
Q. Can they be disassembled for storage?
A. The easiest way to store is to remove the reflector, this reduces the footprint to allow the patio heater to be stored in the corner of the garage. If you don't have the head height the burners can be removed and stored underneath where the gas cylinder is normally kept. Please note if using propane never store propane cylinder indoors.
Q. Which is the best selling patio heaters?
A. Stainless steel patio heater is still the most popular, partly due to current style but also it's the lazy gardeners choice with low maintenance and sleek looks. Because our stainless steel models are true stainless steel they are safe to leave outside all year around without harm of corrosion.

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