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Customer Charter

Company customer charter is to treat every customer that uses our services in a open, fair and honest way. Whether it's to supply just one patio heater, 200 or the odd spare part all customers can be assured that they will have our best attention. This open policy extends to the way the patioheaters4u web site is designed and the way it's operated:

Free regulator/hose and extras

A patio heater should be equipped to do the job, claims of "free" regulator, cover and LPG hose used by some traders to hoodwink shoppers. Last time we purchased a van the steering wheel and brakes came with the van. Regulators and LPG hoses are an integral part, a patio heater will not work without them and the specifications should be compatible to match the quality.

Pricing policy

Best to check apples for apples, we grade and accurately describe the product quality according to the components used in manufacture to describe what will be purchased. Why label domestic patio heaters "commercial" when at first inspection it will be evidently clear all is not as it seems. Customer satisfaction is high on the company agenda, we want you to be pleased and pass the news on.

PO Box?

Check postal address, if a PO Box then make sure it's not just a mail drop. Are they UK registered, if not will the law protect you? Always best to deal with a reliable UK company that is not hiding basic company details. The law has recently changed to counter dubious traders, all UK operated web sites must include full postal address, company registration number, VAT number and contact telephone number.

Patio Heater Support

Our 2 year warranty covers patio heaters should anything go amiss with the production quality. After the 2 year period we offer support, back-up and a repair service should you need it. For patio heaters up to 10 years old we hold spare parts on our branded BFX range. Product outside our branded range are not refused help and support, if you're having problems finding the supplier of your heater or as is often the case, they have simply gone bust then give our help line a call.


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