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LPG Cylinder and Refill (Monday to Friday)
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Gas Refill Only:

LPG Refill (Monday to Friday)
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Heateray and BFX patio heaters operate on LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) and run on either Propane or Butane LPG. Propane is the preferred choice as this fuel will continue working in very low temperatures whereas butane slows down in low temperatures. All patio heaters are supplied with a high quality gas LPG regulator. This is the quick clip-on fit which gives easy access to changing the LPG cylinder with a simple on/off lever. A high pressure LPG hose and two jubilee clips are shipped with all heaters.

To order gas with your heater please click on the "Gas with Patio Heater" basket. Please note your heater and gas will be delivered separately (Sat delivery is not available).
For new patio heater orders the gas supply company charge a deposit on the cylinder supplied plus the cost of LPG gas. Subsequent refills are charged just for the gas at the current LPG refill rate. To order a refill please bookmark this page in your favourites file and click on Gas Refill Only basket to receive an exchange cylinder. The empty cylinder will be collected (please have this ready or leave out for the driver) and a refill cylinder delivered. Deliveries cannot be arranged for weekends, please allow 2/3 days to schedule. To avoid running out in the evenings it may help to keep a second LPG cylinder in reserve and swap the empty cylinder with a refill.

There are many brands and various cylinder sizes, colour and availability, this can prove daunting. By adding gas with the order we take the guesswork out and organise the first delivery with no delivery charge.

For deliveries to Europe we recommend purchasing a new regulator with the cylinder locally, each country varies on supply and local knowledge will be needed. All patio heaters models will operate within Europe.