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Patio Heaters Questions & Answers

Q. How much heat does a patio heater produce?
A. These mid range and professional patio heaters produce 42,000 BTU/h up to 50,000 BTU/h of power, the size of a small central heating boiler, enough to heat a small house. Don't be fooled into thinking more is better, anything larger requires a much wider reflector to harness the heat and reflect downwards or the heat is lost in the air, so far nobody manufactures giant reflectors. Our patio heaters have unique high energy stainless steel burner finely balanced between optimum usable heat versus running costs. Always check the burner itself is stainless steel and not just steel or chrome type fitted to most other brands.
Q. What is the warranty?
A. These are not budget market heaters, all our mid range and commercial heaters are built to last for years backed up with two year warranty. We also provide dedicated support and genuine patio heater spare parts.
Q. How much gas do these patio heaters use?
A. With the very latest high energy burners fitted with easy pilot control you can decide how high or low you want the heat. At full power a 13kw patio heater will use less than 1kg of LPG per hour. Older 16kw gas guzzlers burn a great deal more. By fitting the latest high energy burners they'll give plenty of heat without costing a fortune wasting energy and money. Always best to warm the area up and then reduce the heat control to your comfort zone. Under normal use a gas LPG cylinder will last 3-6 weeks depending on the weather.
Q. What is the right size reflector?
A. We fit a standard 81cm diameter reflector, budget suppliers ship with undersized reflectors of around 75cm diameter,which makes quite a big difference in heat delivery. Cut down reflectors have less surface to reflector and cannot yield the same level of reflection as a full sized reflector, in many cases 20% less heat.
Q. Is an electric patio heater cheaper to run?
A. Typical 2KW electric patio heater will cost approximate 21p per KW per hour. LPG gas patio heater at max heat (13KW) will cost 16 per KW, turn it down to 7KW and the cost goes down to less than 11p per KW. In the same way as heating a building, electric heating is far more expensive than gas heating. Gas and electric patio heaters both emit radiant heat that heats objects.
According to the Carbon Trust grid electricity produces twice the CO2 of LPG per KW.
Q. I want to buy a patio heater as a gift?
A. Patio heaters make great gifts and due to demand we offer a gift wrap service.
Q. Do you supply free covers, wheels and regulators?
A. All of our mid range gas patio heaters are shipped with a full length cover, matching wheels, quality regulator and LPG hose.
Q. How easy are these patio heaters to use?
A. Since 2006 all BFX patio heaters have been fitted with the latest quick fire controls, just press the push button piezo ignition, hold for 30 seconds and they are ready to go.
Q. I don’t know anything about gas, how do I get gas?
A. We can supply the LPG gas direct to your door via the gas company, to order with your patio heater go to the LPG gas supply page. Pricing is the same with no delivery charge. If you wish to get LPG gas yourself we recommend propane using an 11kg or 13kg cylinder and with a clip-on fitting. Our patio heaters are supplied with EN 12864 propane regulator and EN 1763-1 LPG high pressure hose.
Q. Why buy from you?
A. As one of the leading and oldest patio heater companies supplying pubs, restaurants and European breweries the company mantra is quality, quality and quality. If you want to know what our customers think of us and our patio heaters read feedback and review pages.
Q. What about the 50%, 65%, 70% off sales on patio heaters?
A. There are a few web traders that run fake sales all year long on budget heaters. The web sites look very convincing and offer 50% off, 75% off plus free extra's. These are meant to hoodwink shoppers into believing they are genuine sale offers and the normal price of the patio heater will revert after the sale. Check back a few weeks or months later and the same fake sale tickets are on the patio heater. The truth is that if these traders use such sharp practices to misled shoppers then what else are they hiding?
Fake sales are already illegal under Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations. With the rise of pop-up web sites, trading officials are warning to be very careful with deals that appear too good to be true, many traders are here today and gone tomorrow!
Q. What about delivery?
A. Free delivery of patio heaters on our supa saver deal with special low rates for Scottish highlands/islands or if you want next weekday or a Saturday just add to your order. Dispatched via secure couriers, a signature will be require, tracking is e-mailed or sent via text. If you are out don’t worry our courier's will leave a calling card to make arrangements for it to get to you.
Q. I need a few patio heaters for a restaurant, do you supply trade?
A. We maintain high quantities of stocks of patio heaters for our major clients with full support, after sales service from our skilled engineer and support that is unmatched within the industry. You'll see our commercial patio heaters in many of the top restaurants and hotels around the country, they are real workhorses that keep going and going. If you are in the market for commercial patio heaters that are up to the job call us for special pallet rates and details on volume contract terms on 01793 613900 or e-mail national a/c's on nam[at] Our factory service can also offer corporate brand or logo service to patio heaters, please call our office for more information.

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