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Reflector size: 810mm
Type : Single Piece
Fitting: 3 x 5mm openings
Spacing: 17.5cm between openings
Weight: 2.8kg
Finish: Quality aluminium
Replacement single piece aluminium reflector, universal fit for most outdoor gas patio heaters. This high quality reflector has 3 pre-drilled holes to fit through a flame screen with 3 burner support bolts. Before placing an order check the spacing measurements on the burner supports fitted to your burner. Patio heater reflectors with smaller spacing between burner support bolts can be adapted by using the old reflector as a template and drilling new holes to the replacement part. For more information read reflectors information. Multiple discount saver on these single piece reflectors for bulk orders. For higher volume please give our spares department a call on 01793 613900.

Single Piece Reflector - BFX320
Supa saver price: £39.95 shopping basket image SOLD OUT -NOT DUE BACK