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Patio Heater Reflector Information

Reflectors come in various sizes and types the main ones are:

KD (Knock Down)
A knock down reflector can be in 4 sections, 5 sections, 6 sections and even 7 sections. These will vary from 75cm diameter up to 90cm diameter depending on the patio heater purchased. The common reflector supplied with the majority of gas patio heaters will have a diameter of 80cm. The shape and style can vary from the classic "flying saucer" shape to more dome or beveled, the difference in performance is marginal, the main object of a reflector is to reflect the heat downwards which they do with great efficiency. The size of the reflector should balance with the height of the patio heater most are 2.2M tall with a 80cm reflector.
Cut Down Reflectors
There are a growing number of suppliers now packing cut down reflectors to save on shipping costs. These cut down reflectors are around 75cm diameter, a traditional size is 81cm diameter. Reflectors are great at reflecting heat downwards, a cut down reflector has less surface to reflector and therefore will reduce the heat reflection compared with a full sized reflector. In most cases 20% less heat is reflected.
The support bolts for holding a reflector in place can vary from 3 support bolts to 5 or even 6 support bolts on some obscure models. The main type is 3 support bolts see our patio heater reflectors for details. There are 2 main types with 3 support bolts in today's patio heaters, the main type has 17.5cm between support bolts, the second type fitted to about 20% of models on the market are 12.5cm between support bolts. Other patio heaters are supplied with 4 support bolts to fit 4 piece reflector. These have predrilled support bolts spacing of 13.5cm. The obscure models with 6 supports are very rare and mainly found in USA or Canada.
Single Piece
A one piece reflector will have the same measurement and fittings as above. Generally replacement reflector ship a one piece or if the fitting is different i.e. 6 support bolts to the burner then the one piece can be re-drilled with new holes to fit. Patio heaters that have an uncommon reflector support will be difficult to match original parts, we'd recommend using a one piece reflector - use your old reflector as a template and drill new holes to match the original reflector. One piece reflectors are more stable for drilling new holes when matching with generic heaters.
The best and most stable finish is aluminium, these will reflector the heat from the burner and not corrode, buckle under heat or look out of place. During production of a single piece reflector the metal is pressed at the factory and moved down the production line using a grab system. It's worth remembering that during the production process some grab marks may be present on the single piece reflector, this will not impair on the performance or the look of heater. Over the first few uses all types of reflectors will change colour and any production marks will not be noticeable - most are on the upper level facing the sky.

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