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Patio Heater Repair Service

Before starting any repairs please read our useful tips and advice pages at: Patio heater Top Repair Tips and Patio Heater Problem Solving Page.

Patio heaters in need of our repair service is only available on branded mid range BFX750 BFX760 bullet and Heateray Pro on 12 month repair contract. Consumable items carry a fair use warranty of 12 months from date of invoice, heavy use for commercial use restricts consumable parts to 6 months from date of invoice. Should your Heateray/BFX patio heater require repair within the warranty period please call 01793 613900 for a return reference number.
The repair service covers the stainless steel burner only, for other components and parts please refer to spare parts page above. Spare parts are listed with full description with an image, parts not listed on the spares page are generally unavailable.

Before attempting repair please read the patio heater help pages, these help pages contain good advice for both budget patio heaters and branded Heateray BFX models. If this does not fix the problem on Heateray or BFX patio heater models only, please call direct on 01793 613900 during office hours Monday to Friday. Please have your model number, serial number or original order number (top right on invoice) ready. If these are lost please provide the customer name and approximate date of delivery.

Generic and Budget Patio Heater Repair

For repairs to budget market patio heater please refer to your original seller, regrettably we are unable to offer repair to budget market patio heaters outside our branded Heateray/BFX ranges. Budget market patio heaters are fitted with tin or chrome burners, these are disposable and non serviceable. Due to high demand for repair to budget market patio heaters we have made available new stainless steel replacement burners, BFX150. Before ordering a replacement burner check the pole size, if it's not an exact match on most patio heaters the collar fitting (of your old burner) may fit the replacement burner (swap them over) to marry the new burner with the pole. If a new burner is not feasible then the only option is to buy a new patio heater. Our branded mid range BFX750, BFX760 and Heateray Pro patio heater models feature the latest high energy stainless steel burners with quick start controls and now start at a very low £129.99. They all carry a factory warranty including replacement burners and are fully repairable throughout their long life.

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