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Patio Heater High Pressure LPG Hose

The latest gas patio heaters supplied ex factory are shipped with a 1.3m LPG high pressure hose that attaches directly to the burner. Older patio heaters and most budget patio heaters still supply a steel pipe that fixes to the burner using a steel nut. On these older models the steel pipe runs down the pole and connects to a regulator via a small 0.5M LPG hose. This steel pipe has been replaced on the latest factory direct burners to offer higher level of safety and ensuring long term stability for the gas supply. Older patio heaters supplied with steel gas pipes can become loose during gas cylinder changes, over a period of time the gas pipe fitted to these may loosen resulting in a leakage of gas. To improve the safety and offer significant advantages the latest patio heaters ship with an upgraded LPG high pressure hose that connects directly to the burner.

To change the LPG high pressure hose on all branded Heateray and BFX patio heaters just add the 1.3m LPG high pressure hose to your shopping basket and go to check out. Unclip the hose at the burner and attach the new hose directly to the burner and run down the pole to the regulator.

For older and budget patio heaters still using a steel gas pipe add the 0.5m high pressure LPG hose to your shopping basket. When changing the hose on older patio heaters with a steel gas pipe always conduct a leakage test paying special attention to the connection with the burner. If the steel gas pipe is not connected correctly it can become loose during cylinder changes.

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