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Factory Direct Patio Heaters

Patio heaters supplied from the factory offer significant advantages over most other general suppliers in the market. The price paid from factory direct supply will always be lower when compared "like for like" to others on the market. General suppliers hunt around for the cheapest source regardless of quality, support or style, the most important part to general traders will be cost and margins. With factory direct supply the brand is the most important part, manufacturing a quality product is top of the agenda.
Second on the agenda for factory direct is product support, by servicing branded products and offering expert advice with a full range of genuine patio heater spare parts the customer is guaranteed the best service and longest life to the purchase.
Last by but no means least for factory supply is new product development. The latest and best models will always appear factory direct long before other traders catch up. The latest 2013 high energy burners fitted to factory direct throw out significantly more heat at lower running cost than the older 16KW patio heaters. New technology has been applied to give lower running cost at max heat distribution. Factory direct patio heaters do not supply other distributors, agents or retail.

Distributor Supply Chain

Distributors supply imports in bulk via an agent usually based in China or Hong Kong. These are generally sourced from the cheapest supplier to sell in bulk, this market is called the budget sector. Distributors operate in bulk and need to sell vast amounts to survive and therefore price is the number one priority. The cheaper the patio heater the more they can sell on to traders who need low pricing to make a bigger margin.

Wholesalers Supply Chain

The supply chain from wholesalers is either direct from UK import supply or for imported stock using a distributor or agent. Wholesaler operate sold solely on price, other factors such as quality construction, support and after sales is not on offer. Just cheap and quick, they will purchase in bulk lots at peak trading periods and clear quickly. The budget market patio heater is the favorite choice for wholesalers. Often the patio heaters will end up with traders selling on well known auction sites or direct to shop keepers.

High Street Retailers

Retailers will get supply from distributors and may chop and change supply of patio heaters according to who has the cheapest model at the time of purchase. Try getting support, warranty and back up from a retailer and the chances are they will direct you to a factory in China for support. Only problem with this is that factories in China will direct you back to the retailer as they only supply bulk - it's a 'catch 22' situation ! Most retailers only dabble during peak periods and de-stock patio heater once the season has passed only to return the following season with a different budget model. Larger chain retailer may have a Far East office to get the cheapest supply, the product will be made to match margin expectations and deliver a low ticket price, not always a sign of a quality product.
Traders Supply Chain
We all love a bargain and traders are great at finding that "once in a lifetime deal", these traders will sell with lots of free things, delivery, covers, wheels and even reflectors (strange but true) - all part and parcel of patio heaters and difficult to use without - but traders love to offer a deal so why not call basic items as free? Traders will offer a 50%, 60% and 70% off RSP on patio heaters, but check back a few weeks or a few months later and the same price, same discount and same old offer is showing week after week. Traders are the kings of the budget market, they have direct access to budget market goods including patio heaters. Offering low value cheap product is their business model. If you don't want to take a chance it's best to stick to a reliable supplier and by going factory direct you'll not only get the expert advice, back up and support but also the very latest and best quality patio heaters.

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