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Patio Heater Troubleshooting

  1. First check our patio heater problem solving page to establish where the problem could be. Do not attempt a repair unless fully briefed on the likely cause of any fault. The most common mistake on patio heaters that fail to light is misdiagnosing the pilot has a blockage and drilling a small hole to fix the problem!! Never, Never, Never drill the pilot light on the burner when making a repair. This results in a very high pilot flame or flame thrower that cannot be controlled. Once the pilot has been drilled the burner a complete write-off!
  2. Before changing the patio heater's piezo ignitor check to see if it works. Just un-clip the ignitor lead at the back, these are normally fitted with male/female connectors that just pull off. To test, press the piezo red button and at the same time place your thumb on the other end. You should feel a sharp sting and hear it click, if not then the piezo ignitor needs replacing to make a repair.
  3. Always start with the most common patio heater problems and work through the list checking each item fitted inside the burner. Please note, not all patio heaters ship with a stainless steel burner, the budget heater market supply chrome or polished tin plate burners that can be very difficult to access due to corrosion.
  4. First consumable part to wear out on gas patio heaters are thermocouples, see parts commercial thermocouples and domestic thermocouples. Thermocouples can last anywhere between two years and up to five years depending on use, storage and type. Changing a thermocouple during repair fixes 90% of all firing problems - see thermocouple function page and how to fit a patio heater thermocouple, these instructions are for branded BFX patio heaters only. When making a repair make sure to check the measurement of the replacement part, there are a few different types of thermocouples on the market.
  5. Second on the consumable list is the patio heater tilt switch . They can cause similar firing problems to mimic a worn thermocouple. Very easy to repair on most patio heaters, these are attached via two leads that push on to the tilt switch within the burner. Just disconnect and swap for a new tilt switch to make a repair. Some manufacturer soldered these on, if your tilt switch has been soldered you will need to adjust accordingly to make a repair.
  6. Third on the consumable list is the electromagnetic valve. If a new thermocouple hasn't repaired or fixed the lighting problem take a look at the electromagnetic valve part number AFX496. The electromagnetic valve sits inside the patio heater gas control valve, you will need to remove the nut at the rear of the gas control valve to access it.
  7. Always make sure to conduct a leakage test on the patio heater when making any repairs. Most joints are liquid sealed at the factory using a clear seal and pressure tested for leaks. When making any repairs it's best to use plumbers tape to ensure any joints opened during repair are sealed against leakage. See patio heater problem solving page on details on how to test for leaks.
  8. If all above components are working OK then you'll need more specialist help. Patio heaters within the branded Heateray or BFX mid range can be returned for repair outside the warranty by using our repair service. Generic and budget patio heaters that do not carry the BFX logo and serial number cannot be accepted - there are many budget market heater with chrome burners, these are disposable and non repairable. Due to high demand for burner repair on budget market patio heaters we have made available a replacement mid range stainless steel burners in both 13kw and 15kw. For those budget burners that cannot be repaired please see our domestic replacement burner.
  9. Damaged reflector are very simple to fix. Please view our reflector information page before fixing and single piece reflector to order a new reflector.