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Patio Heater Green Fuel

One of the great misconceptions is that gas patio heaters are not green, an easy target for those looking for a headline story. The truth as always is far less interesting than the spin and of course spoils a good story and doesn't make for such bold headlines. So how green are gas patio heaters?


Liquefied petroleum gas is a byproduct from gas and oil which a few years ago was simply burnt off as waste. Today, to save energy it is harnessed and bottled ready for the consumer market to use in cooking and heating. Many of the holiday lets and caravan owners will know that without LPG the task of simply keeping warm or cooking a hot meal would be very difficult - especially in remote locations. There are literally over 1,000 uses for LPG that help make millions of us live a much better life. They all however produce some co2. How much co2 is another claim that has been polished for greater effect. For the truth look no further than the Carbon Trust that advises grid electricity produces twice the co2 of LPG per kW.

Energy Efficiency

So gas patio heaters burner LGP, is this a good use? There is nothing inefficient about a gas patio heater, they burn 100% of the LPG and deliver directly to the patio to warm up the area. Nothing goes to waste, anyone standing around a patio heater will know the warmth generated. Millions of people turn on central heating systems every morning only to leave for work a hour or so later and leave a warm house to cool down. Others heat their cars up and again only to see then cool down a few minutes later. A patio heater is no different, it heats the person up while they are under it and at a flick of a switch turned off, very simply.

So why all the fuss?

A non story rarely makes the headline, the discredited hockey stick graph is an excellent example on how to make dull statistics exciting and catch the eye of a journalist. It would be unwise to attack LPG since it is a very clean fuel, energy efficient and being a waste byproduct a good alternative to coal, oil and wood. The government encourage car uses with tax incentive to convert petrol and diesel cars to run LPG, they are more economical and greener. The chancellor has in the past highlighted the environmental advantages to using LPG and awarded tax incentives.
The future technology
Stainless steel patio heaters just get better all the time, newer gas valves provide lower consumption and lower running costs. Improved technology will always increase efficiency, the latest patio heaters cost a lot less to buy and run than even 5 years ago. In another 5 years the technology will take another leap forward, in the same way central heating boilers have improved, the future is to keep people warmer and greener.

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