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Patio Heater Wholesale

As one of the largest branded suppliers of quality gas patio heaters within Europe all Heateray and BFX brand patio heaters can only be supplied direct from the factory. The decision not to supply wholesaler, retailers or traders is based on customer expectations. Within the market there are many outlets each with a different objectives. Some traders look for a patio heater with a low price ticket with high margins whilst others seek high gas consumption from older 16kw patio heaters, to deliver high repeat gas sales.
Our policy is consumer led, manufacturing a high quality patio heater product that delivers without costing a fortune and supported with full factory back up of spares and repairs. Unfortunately most retailers are not in a position to offer the level of service customers expect so the solution is to supply direct to consumers and handle all the service and after care in house.
Generic patio heaters on the market can generally be purchased from any shop or web site and they do a good job filling their shelves with goods. Our objective is not to fill shop shelves or other web sites but give factory direct value on a high quality patio heaters that cannot be matched. The reason for this is simply, each supplier in the tier takes a margin, add a wholesaler margin and then retail or web site margin and you soon rack up a high patio heater RSP or as many do, sacrifice quality to get the price down to match factory direct.
Because we offer only factory direct on a range of quality branded patio heaters we can ensure they are maintained in tip top condition with full back up and support on genuine spare parts. All patio heater models will be covered with spare parts for up to 10 years, very difficult for retailers and web traders to match. The reason is they switch from the cheapest supplier of patio heaters to the next whenever there is a deal to be done. Product quality and consistency of supply is not high on the agenda. This is completely the opposite of our customer care charter and one of the reasons we do not supply patio heaters wholesale.
We have been asked time and time again to supply to retailers, wholesalers and other web traders but our policy is unchanged, we only supply patio heaters direct. Our customer base ranges from the individual shopper that needs a quality patio heater for their patio right up to large pub chains, european breweries, national hire companies, exporters, restaurant groups and everything in between. They are all end users of our patio heaters and we provide full back up and support that can only be achieved by factory direct supply.

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