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Factory Direct Prices On High Grade Patio Heaters

Latest technology on quality mid range and commercial patio heaters supplied with a stainless steel burner and at factory direct rates to save £££'s off retail ticket price. Fully loaded high energy burners with enough power to heat a house yet run whisper quiet and not cost a fortune to run. Today's new technology replaces older 16kw gas guzzlers with the latest high energy burners delivering all the heat you'll ever need to keep 10 to 15 people warm as toast with radiant heat (heats people to save energy).
Our heritage spans over 10 years in the UK with continuous product development to fine tune built-in reliability. Strict factory QC ensures every heater is fully tested at the factory by our skilled technicians.
For today's' savvy consumers the choice has never been better, budget heaters can offer great value but the sting in the tail is the reviews that highlight lighting issues with rust and poor build quality a major factor. Mid range heaters are the ideal choice for those with busy lifestyles that demand a quality product that just works and stays looking good for years to come. The added bonus is our unique triple safety features only found on factory direct.
All our heaters ship with a full length cover, matching wheels and high quality regulator with hose, if you need gas not a problem, we can get you started from day one.
For a full 2 year warranty with support trust in the UK's oldest and most reliable specialist patio heater company.


bfx750 stainless steel patio heater image bfx750 jet black patio heater image pe covers image starter cover image
Stainless Steel Patio Heater
Jet Black Patio Heater
Patio Heater PE Covers
Starter Cover
£8.99 Delivered
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High quality commercial patio heaters that look a million dollars for your garden as supplied to some of the best restaurants, café/bars chains, hotels and hire shops across the UK and worldwide. Ultra sturdy construction with belt and braces safety features all with a high grade stainless steel burner that will last for years. Latest new Heateray Pro, full commercial patio heaters that feature energy saving technology with a double skinned burner delivering more heat at lower running cost. Built not only to look a million dollars but also heavy grade components, ideal for commercial use and for those seeking the best quality heater in the market. Heateray Pro are true workhorses that will keep going and going for years, there is a good reason why they cost more than domestic patio heaters, read key facts on what make commercial grade.
heateray pro heateray pro commercial smooth black patio heater image Black cover image  
Heateray Pro SS
Stainless Steel Patio Heater
£399.99 Delivered
Heateray Pro GB
Granite Black Patio Heater
£335.00 Delivered
Full Length Patio Heater Cover
£39.75 Delivered

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15 day money-back guarantee - see terms & conditions.