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Recycle Patio Heaters

Patio heaters from the branded BFX range that have come to the end of their life can be 100% recycled. They do not use plastic in the manufacture making the scrap metal very easy to dispose either via the local recycling centre or returning to our warehouse. Most recycle centers now take scrap metal and will accept domestic appliances recycling. The metal contained will be either steel for powder coated models or stainless steel for stainless steel types. The reflector will have high quality heavy duty aluminum, flame screen is mainly stainless steel, with a small amount of aluminum. Stripping down the burner will reveal copper pipes, stainless steel copper gas valve and steel mantle.
Recycling reduces the need for expensive landfill sites and steel along with copper has risen in price making it worthwhile for scrap metal merchants to take all parts from a patio heater. In some areas metal scrap dealers now offer a collection service, check locally for one near you.

Recycling via Patio Heater Warehouse

To return your patio heater for recycling please either drop it off to our warehouse, see direction to warehouse directions or alternatively pack it up securely into a box and send via post/courier. Please enclose a copy of your name and address with all recycle returns, if purchased direct add the order number. All redundant heaters returned to the warehouse will be stripped down by our qualified engineer and metal sorted into groups. The whole patio heater will be broken down and returned to one of Europe's largest metal recycling companies based in Swindon.

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